Message from Dean Essary

Photo by: Burcu Atakturk Hensley

Melissa Essary

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new and improved Campbell Law Observer.  For decades, this publication has served as a vehicle for disseminating legal journalism across the state.  Attorneys, judges and students received the Campbell Law Observer in print format and were able to read about current legal topics, legislative developments and were provided with editorials from bright Campbell Law students.

While many understandably cherish the touch of newsprint as we thumb through print publications, there is no denying that digital is the future for almost all print publications we know and enjoy. In a digital format, news is more accessible and responsive to real-time developments.

The current Campbell Law Observer editorial board has worked tirelessly this academic year to create an innovative, professional, and beautiful online publication that will provide the North Carolina legal community well-researched articles that touch on a variety of important legal topics.  This student-run publication is unique in that it blends student writing and publishing with commentary and articles from esteemed members of our North Carolina legal community.

I am excited about this new chapter in the life of Campbell Law Observer, and I hope you are, too. I envision a bright future for this new publication platform, fueled by creative and experienced writers who are students and legal professionals alike. This digital transformation will cement the Campbell Law Observer’s status as the first stop for unique and well-informed views on the law across the state of North Carolina.