03.24.2014 Reinstatement Denied [Wake County]

North Carolina State Bar Building Photo Courtesy of the North Carolina State Bar

On April 11, 2005, Douglas T. Simons was disbarred by the North Carolina State Bar after his admission of misappropriating more than $300,000 in client funds over a period of three years.  Simons took the responsibility for the misconduct of his employees that occurred during his deployments to Afghanistan.  During the investigation of the misappropriated funds, Simons gave a false bank statement to the State Bar and made false statements to a court.

Although Simons complied with the April 2005 order, has not been charged criminally for the misappropriation, and took down is practice after the disbarment, the State Bar ruled that due to the seriousness of his offense, it would take “a strong showing of a reformed character” for Simons to be reinstated to practice law in North Carolina.  Because Simons did not present clear and convincing evidence of reformed character, the State Bar denied reinstatement.  Simons could still have the Council to review the decision by the hearing panel.

Trouble viewing? Click here to download the order (PDF, 179KB).