07.07.2015 Suspension [Onslow County]

Photo Courtesy of the North Carolina State Bar

Thomasine Moore failed to ensure trusted funds received by a client were deposited into her trust account and maintained in trust in violation of Rule 1.15-2(b) and failed to properly maintain entrusted funds in violation of Rule 1.15-2(a) and (m).  Moore’s failure to ensure funds required by a court order was in violation of Rule 8.4(d).  Similarly, Moore failed to compare her general ledge balance in violation of Rule 1.15-3(d)(1) and deposited mixed funds into her operating account in violation of Rule 1.15-2(b) and (g).  As a result, Moore was suspended on July 7, 2015, for a period of three years with stay for three years so long as she complies with the conditions ordered by the State Bar.

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