08.18.2015 Suspension [Durham County]

Photo Courtesy of the North Carolina State Bar

On August 18, 2015, Paul Brock was suspended from the practice of law for two years.  Brock began a dating/sexual relationship with a client during his representation of her during a child custody case, ended their dating relationship, and while continuing to represent her, continued to have sexual interactions.  Rather than encouraging her to seek other counsel, because he feared she would divulge their relationship to another attorney, he continued to represent her.  She eventually found other counsel, but Brock did not file a motion to withdraw.  Brock consented to his discipline, and was disciplined for having a sexual relationship with a client while representing her, continuing to represent her while attempting to end the romantic relationship, failed to file a motion to withdraw, and making false and misleading statements to the Grievance Committee.

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