10.30.2014 Suspension [Wayne County]

North Carolina State Bar Building Photo Courtesy of the North Carolina State Bar

Beginning in January 2012, Jerry Braswell represented Patricia Cobb regarding a divorce.  During his representation, Braswell failed to verify Cobb’s date of separation, did not maintain an employee with notary capabilities, and to properly verify the complaint which resulted in a dismissal by the court.  These actions were in violation of Rule 1.3.

Braswell also mishandled his trust account by failing to provide a directive with the bank, failing to safeguard entrusted funds by disbursing $280,600 to a client in Japan without reasonably believing collection would be honored, which ultimately resulted in the loss of funds due to the check being counterfeit.

The NC State Bar ruled that Braswell be suspended for two years with stay as long as he complies with several conditions.

Trouble viewing? Click here to download the order (PDF, 352KB).