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The Brocker Law Firm concentrates in professional and occupational licensing, ethics and disciplinary matters. The firm also advises and represents professional clients in various related areas, including prospective ethics counseling, private ethics opinions, expert witness testimony, firm disputes, North Carolina State Bar grievance defense, and attorney discipline defense. The firm’s lawyers collectively have more than thirty-five (35) years of experience advising and assisting individuals, firms, organizations, and regulatory agencies in professional licensing and disciplinary matters and related cases. Doug and Deanna Brocker, the firm’s principals, regularly publish articles on issues of professional ethics, discipline and liability and frequently lecture in continuing professional education seminars. The Brocker Law firm website can be visited here.
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Seven Dirty Words in Lawyer Advertising

December 10, 2013

OK, so the words are not really dirty, indecent, or obscene, and their use won’t get you arrested — a la George Carlin. But there are certain words or phrases a NC attorney should be wary of when creating a webpage or an advertisement. These are words or phrases that can get you in trouble unless you are careful about how you use them and, in some cases, unless you include disclaimer language. By the way, this is not an exclusive list, but it does include some of the usual language that trips up attorneys. ...[Continue Reading]