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Kenzey Tracy is a second-year student at Campbell University School of Law and is a Staff Writer for the Campbell Law Observer. Originally from Maine, Kenzey graduated from Wake Forest University with Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and English. In her free time, Kenzey enjoys playing with her pet rats and thrifting. Kenzey’s areas of interest include the Wills, Estates, Elder Law, and Probate.

The Copyright War on Recipes in the Kitchen

February 5, 2024

However, copyright laws, though helpful for larger works such as cookbooks and websites, may not be as accessible to those who create their culinary works through other individual platforms, such as food blogs, videos, and podcasts.  Social media outlets create inclusive communities to build networks both to share recipes and also to copy recipes without giving credit where it is duly earned.  In order to combat this, it may be up to those communities to create a shared space of respect and appreciation without relying on the legal system.  ...[Continue Reading]