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Professor Lee is a multidimensional legal scholar and teacher with advanced degrees in Christian ethics, religious studies, and philosophy and religion. Professor Lee couples his long-standing interest in the phenomenon of human religiousness with his interest in the emerging networked, globalized society. He is concerned with questions about how religious experience has contributed to understandings of law and politics, and the role of religiousness in shaping the future. As a Christian ethicist, he focuses on the personalist moral philosophy of John Paul II (written under his birth name, Karol Wojtyla). He is a frequent speaker on religious ethics, philosophy of economics, the legal profession, legal education, and the social and political ethics of the international trade regime. Professor Lee's full bio may be viewed on the Campbell Law website.
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Ethics and Legal Theory: A Primer

August 28, 2013

Theoretical reasoning is an important aspect of legal education as well as the practice of law generally. Contemporary legal scholars largely agree that law is intimately tied to moral norms and presuppositions about human nature. ...[Continue Reading]