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Rachel Pilkington is a second-year law student at Campbell University School of Law and serves as a Staff Writer for the Campbell Law Observer. Rachel is a North Carolina native, being born and raised in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Justice, with a minor in History. During her first two years of college, Rachel worked as an intern and later as a Police Cadet at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. It was during her time with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police that Rachel realized her passion for helping people understand and navigate the legal system. After serving as a Police Cadet, Rachel joined Pilkington Law, PLLC in 2014, as a legal assistant. During her time as a legal assistant, she gained the knowledge and experience that would propel her to apply to law school. In May 2019, Rachel was offered a spot in the Campbell Law entering class of 2019. During the summer before law school, Rachel worked as an intern at Landon A. Dunn, P.A. from May until she started law school in August. During her first year of law school, Rachel participated in Campbell Law’s Christian Legal Society as her Christian faith is very important to her. During the summer after her first year of law school, Rachel worked at Pilkington Law, PLLC as a summer intern. When she started her second year of law school, Rachel participated in Campbell Law’s Externship Program by receiving academic credit for her work on Pilkington Law, PLLC’s pro bono projects. Rachel has enjoyed the opportunities for education and legal experience that she has been blessed to receive while in law school at Campbell Law. Rachel’s practice areas of interest include family law, criminal law, business law, and real estate.