Technology and the Law

Examining the intersection of technology and the law, particularly focusing on the legal implications of technological developments.

Limits on Search and Seizure in the Digital Age

February 27, 2013

PayPal experienced a cyber attack last year that spawned the seizure of computers, and the massive amount of information stored on their hard drives, in the hacking case of U.S. v. Collins, 11-471.  Federal agents arrested 14 people and searched targeted computers in a dozen states.  In addition ...[Continue Reading]

What happens to digital assets after death?

December 10, 2012

I still prefer the printed word, but for many people, the fastest growing portion of their book and music libraries is stored on devices like the Amazon Kindle or iPod.  But what happens to that digital content when the owner dies?  More fundamentally, is “owning” an album on iTunes or a book ...[Continue Reading]

Printing Guns

November 3, 2012

In Star Trek: Insurrection, Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself surrounded by his slow moving yet deadly opponent, the Borg.  Luckily for Picard, he has access to a “replicator”, a device that can create almost any object on request.  Picard uses the replicator and requests a Tommy gun, ...[Continue Reading]
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