Gene Editing from a Global Perspective: The Ethical Battle

March 14, 2024

The editing of genome cells is used in a number of ways, including treating and preventing hereditary diseases.  A first case look includes a “brave” scientist by the name of He Jiankui of Shenzhen, China’s Southern University of Science and Technology, shocked the world by unveiling his unique experiment where he secretly modified the embryos of nine different couples who had biological fathers with HIV positive genes and mothers with HIV negative genes.  ...[Continue Reading]

Lawyer Charged with Raping Client

September 21, 2015

While sexual relations are rarely appropriate, even when permitted by the Rules of Professional Responsibility, raping one’s client is an atrocity so against the integrity of the legal profession, it is unlikely a lawyer charged with raping his client will prevail with the State Bar. ...[Continue Reading]
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