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Cabell Sinclair served as a Senior Staff Writer for the Campbell Law Observer. In 2012, Cabell graduated from Campbell University with a degree in Business Administration. Cabell also served as Negotiation Chair for the Old Kivett Advocacy Council and has represented the university in the Regional ABA Negotiation Competition. Following his first year of law school, Cabell worked as a summer associate at Safran Law offices. He is from Raleigh, North Carolina and attended St. David’s School. Cabell graduated from Campbell Law School in May 2015.
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A-Rod accepts defeat

February 18, 2014

Allow me to preface: I do not pity Alex Rodriguez (“A-Rod”), and I am not the only one that does not feel sympathy for him.  In fact, I would assume that the vast majority of sports fans feel no sympathy for the man, but why?  Is it because he is the youngest Major League Baseball (“MLB”) ...[Continue Reading]