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Taylor is a third-year student at Campbell University School of Law and is a Staff Writer for the Campbell Law Observer. Taylor is from Vass, North Carolina, and graduated from NC State University with her Bachelor's in Political Science with a minor in Ethics. Taylor's area of interest is governmental regulation law with a focus on North Carolina and rural municipalities. In her free time, Taylor enjoys baking, pilates, and going to the beach.

North Carolina’s Looming Constitutional Crisis

April 17, 2024

Legislative change, especially on a state level, is often a result of active constituents who contact their legislators time and time again until either the funds or dedication sets bills in motion. Legislators will focus on pleasing their constituents to ensure favorable results in upcoming elections, so how will students who are unable to vote until they are 18 years old be able to influence the enactment of similar legislation protecting their rights? ...[Continue Reading]