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Today we introduce a new addition to our website.

North Carolina State Bar Building Photo Courtesy of the North Carolina State Bar

Bringing the Campbell Law Observer online in March 2012 was just the first step in bringing the only publication of its kind in North Carolina to fruition.  The editorial team, led by Editor-in-Chief Emeritus John Hardin, undertook the substantial task of transitioning a print-only publication to an online-only publication.  Numerous newspapers, magazines, and other print media across the nation have struggled with such a choice.  Look no further than Newsweek.

The Law Observer is launching a new section of the website to highlight ethics and professionalism in North Carolina. 

The transition online was a success, and since the website’s launch, the Law Observer has continued to grow.  Today, in an effort to highlight both our growth as a publication and Campbell Law School’s dedication to professionalism, we have launched a new section of our website: “The Law Governing Lawyers.”  This new section will provide timely updates on disciplinary orders, commentary on proposed and formal ethics opinions, and articles highlighting ethics-related issues.

Summaries of Disciplinary Orders will be published on a timely basis following their release from the State Bar in order to provide the North Carolina legal community with an accessible way to stay abreast of ongoing challenges faced by the legal profession.  Commentary on Proposed Ethics Opinions and Formal Ethics Opinions will also be published on a timely basis to provide the North Carolina legal community a forum for discussion of the ethical standards under which every legal professional operates.  We welcome and encourage guest commentary from attorneys and other members of the Bar for publication on our website.

We hope this serves as a resource for lawyers, law students, and anyone interested in the practice of law in North Carolina.

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About Adam Steele, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus (17 Articles)
Adam Steele served as Editor-in-Chief for the Campbell Law Observer during the 2013-2014 school year. Prior to law school, he attended N.C. State University, where he earned a B.A. in Political Science in 2006. He taught US History at a local high school for a short time before working as a paralegal at Millberg Gordon Stewart PLLC for three years prior to law school. Adam interned in all three branches of the state government, including with the Transportation Section of the N.C. DOJ, the Research Division of the N.C. General Assembly, and with the Honorable Paul C. Ridgeway, Resident Superior Court Judge in Raleigh. Adam spent the summer of 2013 clerking with the Honorable Sanford L. Steelman, Jr., N.C. Court of Appeals and Millberg Gordon Stewart PLLC. Adam spent the majority of his 3L year interning with Red Hat, Inc., and as a research assistant to Dean J. Rich Leonard. He graduated from Campbell Law School in May 2014.
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