Note from the Editor

We outgrew our old digs—in a good way—and have transitioned to the post-Pinterest web.


Our readership has come a long way since our publication moved online two years ago.  What also has come a long way in the last few years is the Web.  When you look at popular websites like The Verge, The New Republic, and Slate, you can immediately see where web design is headed.

The new look of the CLO that we introduce today reflects this changing landscape.  I have a pet theory of mine to describe how websites are changing and transitioning: I refer to websites as being “pre-Pinterest” or “post-Pinterest.”  We outgrew our old digs—in a good way—and have transitioned to the post-Pinterest web.

Some parts of our site will feel familiar, and others will be completely new. We’ve placed a greater emphasis on our recently-launched The Law Governing Lawyers section that focuses on ethics and professionalism in North Carolina.  We have also provided readers with the ability to interact directly with us on Twitter while reading our latest articles.  And we have introduced the most requested feature of our site—an email subscription—so readers can have weekly updates in case they missed an article or two.

We hope that the expansion of our content, changes to our website, and continued growth as a publication will make the CLO a destination website that you, the reader, visit every day.  I hope you enjoy the future of the Campbell Law Observer.

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About Adam Steele, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus (17 Articles)
Adam Steele served as Editor-in-Chief for the Campbell Law Observer during the 2013-2014 school year. Prior to law school, he attended N.C. State University, where he earned a B.A. in Political Science in 2006. He taught US History at a local high school for a short time before working as a paralegal at Millberg Gordon Stewart PLLC for three years prior to law school. Adam interned in all three branches of the state government, including with the Transportation Section of the N.C. DOJ, the Research Division of the N.C. General Assembly, and with the Honorable Paul C. Ridgeway, Resident Superior Court Judge in Raleigh. Adam spent the summer of 2013 clerking with the Honorable Sanford L. Steelman, Jr., N.C. Court of Appeals and Millberg Gordon Stewart PLLC. Adam spent the majority of his 3L year interning with Red Hat, Inc., and as a research assistant to Dean J. Rich Leonard. He graduated from Campbell Law School in May 2014.
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